Selina Advance
Upgrading the brand for greater impact

Selina Advance finance marketing. This client came to is to help them create a new brand voice and to develop a creative platform that could streamline and clarify their innovative offer, the “HELOC”.

As part of the project we hanged the brand name form the rather generic Selina Finance to Selina Advance, to reflect the platform idea of ‘upgrading’ your lifestyle by getting an advance on money you’d normally have to wait for.


We began by writing a manifesto that captured the opportunity Selina was offering for people to improve their lifestyles much sooner that they thought they could.


Based on the manifesto messaging and new tone of voice, the entire website was rewritten.


Together with our partner, TokyoCalm, the original ‘Selina Finance’ logo was updated to Selina Advance and a whole new set of brand guidelines were created, covering typeface. colours, imagery etc.

Original logo

New logo


A press ad supporting the launch ran in broadsheet newspapers.

Direct Mail

Selina Advance finance marketing mailpack introducing the HELOC in more detail


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