Morgan McKinley
Helping their brand voice go beyond

Via the rather wonderful Ringers agency in Dublin, we were asked to help their client Morgan McKinley develop a set of distinctive brand guidelines based around the core thought ‘Go Beyond’.
Ringers created the design guide and we wrote a thorough, belt and braces guide to Morgan McKinley’s brand voice.


This was the first piece we wrote, to set the tone and attitude for all work

Go beyond

Two words that are easy to say but much harder to live by.
Going beyond is a mindset. Proof of your hunger to exceed expectations. Your human edge.
Our reputation is built on recruitment, but we’ve always been committed to going beyond.
At our core is an understanding and appreciation of people and what makes them tick, built over three decades.
While every business and career is unique, we’re all driven by a desire to evolve and find our best shape for the challenges of tomorrow.
At Morgan McKinley we share your worries, your aspirations, your dreams.
And as your needs change, we change too.
It’s time to realise your ambitions.
To exceed your expectations and go further than you ever thought possible.
Let us help you go beyond.

Brand Guidelines

The guidelines cover everything from the fundamental tone of voice, to how to write an email,
embracing diversity and Inclusion, to grammar, to job ads.
The result is 157 pages that set Morgan McKinley apart and give the brand a distinct and very ownable identity across the world.


Based on the brand guidelines the website was completely rewritten.


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