Coaching the language of a
professional coaching service

Insightfully came to us to help refine their brand offer in language that reflected their unique approach

An inspiring (and insightful) client

Insightfully is the brainchild of Iyabosa “Bo” Irabor. Bo contacted Brand Voice Agency in October 2022 and we instantly fell in love with her approach to business and life. Her briefing was educational, inspiring and fascinating in equal measures. Bo is a black Scottish Nigerian American woman. She’s all of those things, and much, much more. What life has taught her is that the more authentic you can be in your career, and the more of your individual voice, culture, identity and experience you bring, the more satisfied you will be.


We set the tone and direction with an inspiring manifesto, highlighting Insightfully’s clear mission and approach to coaching,
together with tone of voice guidance and a ‘do and don’t’ checklist


Based on the manifesto messaging and new tone of voice, the fabulous London Fatcat designed Insightfully’s stunning new site.


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