Beating cancer with knowledge

Diagnosing cancer earlier is one of the biggest actions the NHS can take to improve survival rates. Detecting it at stages 1 and 2 gives patients the best chance of curative treatment and long-term survival.
Brand Voice Agency were asked to help find the right tone of voice and write guidelines, marketing materials and a website for GatewayC.
They’re an innovative organisation that gives GPs and other professionals the knowledge and information to spot the signs of cancer earlier.

Language exploration

We began by looking at all the language currently being used to describe the overarching service and each of the individual pillars.
It was important to get away from sector clichés like ’empowerment’ and potentially patronising language. We debated whether GatewayC needed a strapline but recommended that the most important asset would be a succinct descriptor that nailed the organisation’s purpose and was clear to anyone, patients and professionals alike, hence “The early cancer diagnosis resource” .


Working closely with the client, we rewrote every page of the website to maintain a distinctive tone of voice and a plain English style. The balance was to ensure the site speaks to healthcare professionals while remaining accessible to a wide range of people seeking information.
Simplicity and navigation were key. After all, when the goal is to improve cancer detection rates, helping doctors find the information they need fast is crucial.

Brand Guidelines

Together with designer Louise Mora (who introduced us to GatewayC), we put together a full set of brand guidelines, covering everything from the brand’s mission and values to the full suite of brand assets and how to apply them to comms.


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