Why do you need a manifesto?

Your manifesto should be a distillation of all the things that make you, you. A place to express your unique personality, offering and core service. A celebration, a call to arms and a proud flag to fly.

What’s its purpose?
Its purpose is to provide a resource of phrases that can and should inform all communications from your brand. After all, in a business, it can sometimes feel like the left arm doesn’t know what the right is doing, e.g. your brand voice on LinkedIn is totally different to your advertising voice.

How do you use it?
Anyone who writes on behalf of the brand, from emails and site copy to advertising and PR, can dip in to find the agreed and ideal way your offering is expressed. This ensures brand tone of voice consistency and clarity in the marketplace. You can use the whole paragraph or just a sentence. This is your brand essence and no one else’s and it’s here to remind you – and the world – why your brand is different and better.

Example manifesto

To answer the question, ‘Why do you need a manifesto?’ we wrote our own.


How a brand speaks is as important as how it looks

OK, you’ve hired a designer to create your logo and identity.
It’s looking beautiful: tasteful colours, smart icons, cool typography.
So who’s writing the words? The designer? You? An internal brainstorming group? If the answer to any of the above
is yes, you’re not taking this seriously enough.
The voice of your brand is a key element in your identity and deserves care, time and talent.
There are a hundred ways you could go: informal or traditional, snappy or flowery, hard sell or seductive, humorous
or earnest. Maybe you won’t know what’s right until you see it.
That’s where Brand Voice can help.
We’re a collective of senior copywriters and marketing strategists skilled in creating the voice of a brand from
scratch or as an evolution.
We can take your brand strategy and express it in a number of different ways.
We write manifestos (like this one) to flesh it out and provide a resource of useful phrases.
Why do you need a manifesto? It gives you a memorable ways of summing up your offering. Provocative sentences that help you stand out.
And because we’re very experienced, we do it all very quickly and without fuss, so you can can go from a blank
page to a full technicolor set of phrases and guidelines very quickly.
How a brand speaks is as important as how it looks. How important is yours?


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We’ve worked with every kind of client from FMCG to B2B, from the highly technical to the everyday. We love getting our teeth into new brands and helping to update older ones.
Let’s chat about how we can help you find your brand voice.


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