Trust real intelligence not AI

December 5, 2023

Why scrape the internet
when you can scrape our experience?

At Brand Voice Agency we believe that you should trust real intelligence not AI. AI is brilliant in some instances. I like spam filters. I love that my car nudges me when I stray over the white line.
Google is pretty handy, too.

So, on the surface, AI generated content sounds like a great idea. Instant content for free. What’s not to like?

Problem is, where does AI generated content come from? You might save time. You’ll certainly save money. But you may also lose sleep.

How do you know your copy content is accurate? How do you know it hasn’t plagiarised someone else’s work? After all, it had to come from somewhere.
How do you know a lawyer’s letter isn’t already on its way?

On the other hand, Brand Voice Agency offers highly experienced creative people who will come up with completely original concepts, copy and design.
The only prompt you need is a briefing session.

Once we get to work, we don’t scour the internet but our influences. We don’t scrape other people’s sites, but our own imagination. And we don’t base our solutions on what’s already out there, but on our experience of what works.

When it comes to your brand and how it’s communicated, trust real intelligence not AI. Because real intelligence is much more reassuring than the Artificial kind.


Main image Alexandra Koch


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Graham Pugh

A highly experienced copywriter & Creative Director who has spent over 30 years working in advertising and marketing, on both the agency and client sides. After being asked to develop brand language for many clients from The National Trust to Help for Heroes, Waitrose to Not On The High Street, I set up Brand Voice Agency. Exploiting my enviable black book of contacts and affiliates, Brand Voice is able to to service clients more cost effectively, with a flat fee and specialist focus lacking in most agencies.

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