Industry sectors

At Brand Voice Agency (and in our previous careers) we’ve worked in pretty much every sector of marketing,
from football clubs to fancy goods, trains to tableware.

However, we offer deep experience in three key industry sectors: Financial Services, Healthcare, and Professional Services.
This experience goes beyond just ticking a box.
We’ve worked with these kinds of clients in depth, and across complex products and sensitive communications.

The point is that our people are grown-ups who get it, and if you’re a client in one of these industry sectors,
you don’t have to say anything twice or explain that ‘A is for apple’.

For example, our founder was previously Executive Creative Director of the specialist financial services agency TeamSpirit, ran an implanted agency inside Gain Capital, and was Head of Creative & Communications at Neilson Financial Services.

Over the years, we’ve worked on a huge range of healthcare brands from Boehringer Ingelheim to Johnson & Johnson, and most recently the men’s health start-up Ted’s Health, Newcross Healthcare, and GatewayC, the cancer information service.

Professional services clients over the years have included B2B software and platform providers, technical & data firms, and most recently two management consultancies, a recruiter, and a professional coaching service.

While each industry sector is very different, our approach to them has features in common.
We believe in building humanity and emotion into the most technical and business-oriented brands.
Because for marketing content to truly cut through, it needs to identify and address the underlying human emotions
involved in the purchasing decision.


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We’ve worked with every kind of client from FMCG to B2B, from the highly technical to the everyday. We love getting our teeth into new brands and helping to update older ones.
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