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January 9, 2024

Email Marketing 101: Reviving the Charm of Pre-Internet Customer Service

Brand Voice Agency’s email marketing partner, Magda Kolesinski gives us a masterclass in her specialist field.

In the rapidly evolving digital age, it’s fascinating how we’re circling back to some good, old-fashioned principles of customer engagement.

Email marketing, especially for those just starting, is a perfect example. With the growing interest in this channel, it’s crucial to sift through the noise and get down to what really matters. So, let’s break it down, shall we?

To truly grasp the essence of email marketing, let’s take a little trip down memory lane, back to the pre-internet era. Imagine an ecommerce website as a quaint shop in a village. Now, in this analogy, email marketing plays the role not of the shop itself, but of the friendly, attentive store assistants. These assistants are the ones who greet every customer at the door, guide them through the aisles, and help them find exactly what they need. They chat, they listen, and they make tailored recommendations based on the customers’ responses. Their goal? To make every visitor feel valued, understood, and eager to return.

This is what email marketing in the digital realm is all about – fostering genuine connections with customers, akin to the personalised attention of a dedicated store assistant. It’s about making your audience feel like they’re being guided through your virtual ‘shop’ with care and attention.

With this vision in mind, here are three golden rules for brands just starting with email marketing:

  1. Ensure Your Emails Reach Your Audience This might sound basic, but it’s vital. Just like how a customer ignored by store assistants might walk out, an email that doesn’t land in the inbox is a lost opportunity. Make sure your email platform is fine-tuned so your messages are warmly received, not lost in the digital ether.
  2. Focus on Relationships, Not Just Sales The key is to gently introduce your customers to your brand world. Avoid the hard sell or the immediate push for discounts. It’s about letting them fall in love with your brand, much like a good store assistant would take their time to make a new customer feel welcome, instead of hustling them to the cash register.
  3. Personalisation is Everything Customising your communication is non-negotiable. Collect data about your customers and adjust your messaging to align with their preferences and needs. Just like a store assistant would recommend products based on a customer’s feedback, your emails should reflect an understanding and anticipation of your customers’ desires.

Before you jump into complex strategies and intricate testing, make sure these basics are solid. Your emails should reach your audience, speak in your unique brand voice, and deliver a personalised experience. This approach will not only draw customers in but also keep them coming back.


Magda and her business partner, Olga de Villiers

So there you have it – a beginner’s guide to email marketing, inspired by the timeless charm of pre-internet customer service. Let’s bring that personal touch back to the digital world!

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Magda Kolesinski

Magda Kolesinski is co-Founder & CCO of It's Personal who create mindful email marketing for purpose driven brands. On average their clients see 30% increase in sales attributed to email channel after just 3 months! Passionate, driven and always full of energy. Magda’s super power is squeezing maximum return out of every campaign and activity - a quality she developed while growing ambitious startups and scale-ups on very tight budgets.

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