Caribbean Bananas

From 2000-2006 I worked on Waitrose at the advertising agency Banks Hoggins O’Shea. It was a privilege to work on such an iconic brand, that had only very recently started advertising. Everyone on the client side had such a strong sense of what Waitrose stood for: quality, fairness and aspiration. We never showed any food in our advertising, preferring instead to make the marketing mouthwateringly delicious and to treat the reader as someone with a brain.

Press advertising

Everyone in the agency wanted to work on Waitrose so to get your idea out into the world was an achievement.

Cornish Sardines
Barbecue food
English Strawberries
To celebrate the brand’s centenary in 2004, I wrote Waitrose’s first ever long copy ad.

Direct marketing

Mailings for Waitrose Wine Direct and local door-drop leaflets for the store.

Doordrop for everyday staples
Wine club monthly mailer
Every piece was a brand piece, however hard it had to deliver.

Launch of Waitrose Food & Home

A modular set of materials for store openings.

Theme designed to work in any area, in any size, in any medium.

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