In 2005, Sophie Cornish and Holly Tucker had a great idea for a website. Holly ran ‘Your Local Fair’, a company that put on arts and craft fairs around the country. What if they made a website for all her registered businesses to sell their wares?

They had a name, ‘Pink Pear’ but knew it wasn’t right and came to us for help (‘us’ being Brand Voice Agency’s founder Graham, his strategist wife Caroline, and his creative partner Chris Walker).
We explored a range of names and at first rejected ‘Not On The High Street’ as being too negative and not explaining what the brand actually is.

Finally we realised it was perfect (thank god).


Once we had the name we created a logo that communicated the small scale, gifting proposition of the site. A tag was the perfect expression.

Colours, branding and website design

We then recommended colours & typography, and produced a design template for the launch website.


We wrote advertising to establish the brand tone of voice, experimenting with the art direction to see what was the most effective look and feel.

Other branding

A cute idea for the wedding service

Seasonal campaigns

Fathers Day

Valentine’s Day catalogue

Hiring a new CMO

Recruitment ad for a new Chief Marketing Officer


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