How a brand speaks
is as important as how it looks

Don’t fill your beautiful designs with ugly language.

Brand Voice Agency believe that branding is so much more than design. But all too often, it stops there.
The problem is, a logo and some colours only go so far.
They’re important but if you don’t have your messaging right, you’re wasting your money.
Brand Voice Agency is a collective of senior copywriters, designers and marketing strategists led by Graham Pugh, skilled in creating the voice and identity of a brand from scratch or as an evolution. Specifically, we start by uncovering an organising idea that informs every part
of the brand: how it looks, how it speaks and how it flexes to work hardest at each touchpoint in a customer’s journey.
After all, that lovely design work you’ve paid for deserves it.

Talk to grown ups who get it
Because we’re very experienced, we do it all very quickly and without
fuss, so you can can go from a blank page to a full technicolor set of phrases
and guidelines very quickly.

Brand Voice Agency have helped every kind of brand, from those needing a sensitive approach to men’s health,
to language that adds humanity to management consultancy.

Our core values
• A brand is about words as much as design
• Successful brands have an organising idea at their heart
• Working with experienced grown-ups is more efficient
Creativity is a brand’s secret weapon

In a hurry?
Find out about our unique flat pricing structure that takes the guesswork out of your budgeting.


Oliver Harcourt - VP Marketing, TaxScouts
Find your brand’s voice

Find your brand’s voice

We articulate your brand’s offering and personality via:

– Manifesto paragraphs & headlines
– Brand platform ideas
– Communications that build on them

Because we’re senior and experienced, we get it right faster, saving you time and money.

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Flat pricing structure

Flat pricing structure

What should your brand language cost? Well, how long is a piece of string? You can easily spend tens of thousands, depending on the type of agency or consultancy you choose. Our flat pricing can save you a lot – even compared to the day rate costs of an in-house writer or contractor.

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Get started today

Why spend months sourcing talent? Our experienced people have the knowhow to get the projects that matter to you off the ground quickly.

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We’ve worked with every kind of client from FMCG to B2B, from the highly technical to the everyday. We love getting our teeth into new brands and helping to update older ones.
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